Monday, January 16, 2006

The Devil Made A Wager...

One day, the Devil challenged three of his minions to see who could make Christians stop praying. The first demon, filled with pride said, "I will be back before the day is over!". The first demon went out in the morning and came back in the evening. The demon told Satan, "I've tried everything I could but each time I whispered into the ears of those Christians to stop praying, the more they prayed." The first demon was in total dismayed. The second demon, filled with confidence said, "Watch and learn!". Off he went and he too came back before the day ended. "Sigh, I have tried everything I could but these Christians never stop praying! They started to gather in churches and started praying and worshipping!" The second demon was in tears by the end of the sentence. Out came the third demon, full of gusto, he proclaimed. "Hah! You fools, it only takes someone like me to make those Christians stop praying!". And off he went and surely, before the day ends, he returned. The demon said, "Oh, what a terrible day! I have tried everything under my sleeves but the more I tried to stop them from praying, the more they prayed! They gathered in prayer meets, conferences, revival meetings and in multitudes! There is nothing that I could do to stop them from praying!" The Devil shooked his head and said, "Let me show you how it is done." The Devil left his fiery throne and off he went. When the day ended, the Devil returned with a smile on his face. "Muahaha! See, all the Christians have stopped praying!" Astonished, the demons asked how the Devil achieved this mighty feat. "It was easy, I encouraged them to pray, in fact, I told them that it was good to pray, good to worship, good to go for all those prayer meets and revival meetings. But I also told them, hey, why don't you do it on another day?" Isn't it true? Procrastination is the number one enemy of today's time? It's not that we don't pray, it's not that we don't go to church, it's not that we don't worship. But the devil deceives us

by making us do it another day. Make it a point today that you would not do things tomorrow. You will start by doing it now. Now!