Saturday, January 07, 2006

Where To Look...

Look up.
God will never leave or forsake you.
His Word is a light unto your path.
Look out.
Confide in a friend.
Seek comfort and counsel in local resources.
Look in.
Take an inventory of your feelings.
Journal your thoughts, ideas, and progress.
Look for truth.
Gather information and research your options.
Often natural inclinations are in opposition to god's ways.
Look realistically.
Resist the temptation to change others.
Change what you can; accept what you cannot.
Look for balance.
Take care of yourself.
Get enough rest; eat healthfully; attemp to simplify life.
Look for laughter.
A cheerful heart is like good medicine.
Choose joyful musis, uplifting books, optimistic friends.
Look for hope.
This too shall pass.
Dwell on what is good and worthy of praise.
Look for comfort.
Read the Psalms.
Let others encourage you and find ways to encourage others.
Look for God's purpose.
Every experience has spiritual significance.
Press closer to God and allow Him to deepen your faith.