Sunday, July 04, 2004

His imprint, our expression...

Woke up at 5am again! And as usual, being a Melancholic, my mind starts to ponder. It's strange what you think about at the wee hours in the morning. Counting sheep was tough, because I kept losing count each time! But talking to the Shepherd was pretty easy. Somehow, He never fails to listen and He's truly my constant friend in times of need. As I lie in bed and thought about my life's greatest victories and defeats. One thing is constant, God! Just like Pr. D talks about our purpose in life and what on earth We are here for. I remind myself that God's imprint is my expression. To feel His pleasure and to run life's course by abiding to His will. Gosh, that's the most wonderful experience anyone can have! If you do not know God's will, now is the time! You do not know what you have been missing out! To know the will of the Father and have enough courage to act it out, now, that is something! These days, I've been thinking a lot about being "more spiritual" and what does "true worship" mean? Does true spirituality and true worship mean... - How fervent your prayer is? - How much vocab you possess when you speak in tongues? - How good you are at prophesying? - How good your body trembles before the presence of God? - How you lift your hands and dance in worship? By no means! True spirituality and worship is when you... - Love your wife - Be faithful in your tithe - Love one another - Excel in your workplace - Be dedicated to the decision of change in your attitude and character - Be responsible to the task you have been delegated - Be committed to the things you have promised All these is true sprituality and worship. Isn't it true that Paul said... "Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God — this is your spiritual act of worship." - Romans 12:1 Being a loving husband to your wife, being faithful in your tithing, are signs of a person who wants to please God and offers not just his heart but his entire body and soul as a living sacrifice. His character and his attitude towards the people around him reflects his altitude towards God the Father. Wow, this is just so wonderful. Knowing that each time you give your wife a hug or when you appreciate someone or when you show respect to the host by being punctual, these are true qualities of a person living and abiding as a true worshipper! Thank you Jesus for this revelation! I love you, Lord! Greater than anything!